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3,000 HP
Notification Summoner Spawn.png
Notification Summoner Defeat.png


The Summoner is a special tank. It does not upgrade from any other tank. It is not controlled by a player, but an AI. Before it had a name, it used to be called Square Boss. Based on players' experience, it seems to appear in all gamemodes except Maze mode.


It has a similiar appearance to the Necromancer; a square body and triangular spawners. However, it has 4 spawners, one at each side, and is noticeably bigger. Its hull is bright yellow, the same colour as an Arena Closer. Its drones look like the Necromancer's drones, with the original bright orange colour. It's unknown how much health it currently has, but certainly not a small amount.

When the Summoner spawns, a text will show up: The Summoner has spawned!. Also after the Summoner has been defeated, a text will show up: The Summoner has been defeated by [player name]!



  • Added on August 20th.


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