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Yellow square.png
10 points


  • Squares are very common obstacles that generate around the map.
  • They can be destroyed by any tank and give 10 points of score to whoever destroyed them.
  • The Necromancer class is able to transform them into his minions/drones by touching them with its hull or its minions/drones and very much like the Overlord it can drive them around to do some damage.
    • This kind of square can spawn naturally from Summoners.
  • A Tank with no Upgrades needs 2 hits to kill them.
  • They are the most commonly mob spawned in the map.
  • They don't spawn in the Pentagon nest.


  • Squares are also known affectionately around the community as "sun-chips" or "cheese" based on their resemblance to the foods.
  • There is an easter egg in the game, you can also find a Green Square. This, along with any other green shape is extremely rare and grants the Shiny! achievement.