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Sprayer - It looks similar to its Tier 2 underling, the Machine Gun. This class, however, has an extra Tier 1 Tank barrel underneath the Tier 2 Machine Gun barrel, giving the Sprayer the ability to create a cone-shape of bullets. Unlike most upgrades, the Sprayer is a Tier 4 upgrade that stems directly from the Machine Gun. Because of the double barrel, its appearance resembles the Hunter and the Predator.




Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Sprayer
Tank Tank Machine Gun Machine Gun
(level 45) Sprayer Sprayer


  • It can easily defeat many tanks like Pentashot and Booster
  • It has a high recoil which can be used as a booster
  • High reload and great when combined with bullet damage and penetration
  • It has a great combination of spread, crowd control, and firepower.
  • It one of the best tanks for fighting Factory in Sandbox.
  • The only level-45-only bullet spamming tank that can reliably match Triplet in firepower, besides Auto Gunner.



  • Smasher and Sprayer are the only tanks that can only be upgraded to by skipping a tier.

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