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Gunner Trapper

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Gunner Trapper
Gunner Trapper.png


Gunner Trapper - A tank that lays down larger traps than the regular ones. Its defenses are two Gunner-type guns on the front while the Trapper-type gun is located on the back.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Gunner Trapper
Tank Tank Sniper Sniper
Trapper Trapper

Gunner Trapper Gunner Trapper

Tank Tank Machine Gun Machine Gun
Gunner Gunner


  • Pro
    • Guns are much stronger than usual Gunner guns.
    • Traps are much stronger than usual Trapper traps.
    • Rear protection because the trap launcher located at the rear.
    • Full control over the gun.
  • Con
    • A "weird" guns and trap location makes it hard for the player to control.
    • High recoil of the guns makes it hard to lay down traps and escape.

Playable Tier 1 Tank
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