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Starting screen of as of December 22, 2017 is the highly addictive kill-or-be-killed MMO game where you need to upgrade your tank. You will start as a blue circle with a grey turret that shoots blue bullets, while others are seen as red turrets with the same features, at least in FFA gamemode. The background is trashed with yellow Squares, blue pentagons and red triangles. These little figures are ideal goal-practice fodder and their obliteration assists players to rise in the game. But this rising is minor scoring; it’s the means to turning into a huge, durable force. It is clear that not all tanks are similar. That’s for the reason that advanced players can upgrade for extra turrets and exceptional capabilities. There are twin blasters, machine-gun and sniper rifles preferences. For protective participants, the Flank guard concurrently explodes shells from both parts of a tank. To threaten all nearby rivals, think about the Destroyer class. All of these upgrades happen to be available as you arrive at defined scoring targets and that’s how each tank differs. There is an upgrade menu at bottom-left, which re-emerges as fresh upgrade points are earned (you can also see the upgrade wheel by pressing and holding down [Y]). Max Health and Health Regen boosts let tanks to hold up under fire. There are also upgrades for bullet speed, penetration and damage, all of which provide tanks powerful weaponry.

The application for IOS on the App Store. An application for Android has been published by Miniclip on Google Play, both for free.


  • To play the game, you need to visit the website (website:, type in a username and press enter. You’ll be taken to a game grid with your tiny tank in the middle (blue circle with tiny grey square attached).
  • To switch game modes, press the Tab button. (It's been updated, all you have to do now is click either FFA, 2 Teams or 4 Teams (Team Deathmatch), Domination, Tag, Maze or Sandbox).
  • There are obstacles in the game, which you need to shoot in order to gain experience and later level up, include colored Squares, Triangles and Pentagons and later, other tanks.
  • To shoot simply point your mouse at your target and click the left mouse button or tap the spacebar (press E to toggle auto-fire).
  • If you want to spin automatically, press C to toggle auto spin.
  • To move around the grid, use your arrow keys or WASD.
  • When you destroy shapes or other tanks your level bar (the yellow bar at the bottom of a player's computer screen) begins to fill. Once it’s full you level up.
  • Each time your Tank levels up you gain an upgrade point which allows you to add stats to your tank like Max Health, Bullet Speed, Bullet Penetration – there are eight distinct stats you can upgrade using points. You get an upgrade point for each level up until you hit 30 (You don't get an upgrade point for level 29), in which you get a stat point for each 3 level ups until level 45. You can get 33 total stat points for leveling up from level 1 to level 45 (max level).
  • When you reach level 15 you can choose what class of tank you want to belong to – there are four. Each class, just like stats, adds a unique element to your gameplay.
  • When you reach level 30 and level 45 you get another chance to upgrade your tank, each being more powerful than the last. Choose your favorite!
  • If you want to see upgrade menu once again when you used all upgrade points, try hovering mouse pointer at bottom-left.
  • If you want to upgrade your class if you did ignore class upgrade, try hovering your mouse pointer at top-left.
  • If you are a beginner on servers, Click here!


Below is a hierarchy of the class upgrades:

Keyboard Key Uses


[W]/ ↑= Up

[A]/ ←= Left

[S]/ ↓= Down

[D]/ →= Right

[E]= Auto Fire On/ Off

[C]= Auto Spin On/ Off

[Y]= Show upgrade tree

[Space]= Fire (left click)

[Shift]= Repel drones (drone classes only)


[1]= Health Regeneration

[2]= Maximum Health

[3]= Body Damage

[4]= Bullet***/Drone* Speed

[5]= Bullet Penetration***/ Drone Health*

[6]= Bullet***/ Drone* Damage

[7]= Reload***/ Drone Count**

[8]= Movement Speed

Note: [M +Upgrade Number will auto upgrade until full]. This can be done for multiple upgrades, press M to stop upgrading a stat.

*Only for Overseer, Manager, Overlord and Necromancer

**Only for Necromancer

***Not applicable for smasher class

Start/Stats Page

[Enter]= Exit Stats Page/ Spawn

[Tab]=Change Gamemode

[L]=View server stats