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Bullet size
Min stats: 2.5s
Max stats: 1.5s
One shot: 6.8m
Max speed: 6.5m/s


Annihilator - A Tier 4 tank with one ridiculously large barrel that shoots a bullet the size of your tank. (Note: Currently, this is largest bullet in the game, even bigger than the Destroyer.) As a result of their size, the bullets are very slow and the recoil is even larger than the Destroyer. Even a grazing blow from an Annihilator will easily mess you up, despite the fact that Bullet Damage and Penetration base stats are not affected. This tank is the Level 45 upgrade for Destroyer along with the Hybrid.

When using the recoil correctly, it is nearly impossible for your enemies to escape. The good thing is that with high bullet penetration and speed, you can easily destroy several Pentagons. Paired with high reload and high movement speed stats, the recoil of the gun can allow you to easily escape other tanks.

The Annihilator is probably your best bet to destroying most Bosses, because of its enormous bullets and penetration.

Evolutionary stages

See Class Tree

To Annihilator
Tank Tank Machine Gun Machine Gun
Destroyer Destroyer
Annihilator Annihilator


  • The Annihilator features the biggest barrel and thus the biggest bullets in the game.
  • This is a rammer class tank